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650 Fourth Ave Westfield , NJ 07090

Parking Anchor



Please park in the baseball field parking lot across the street from the rink facility (marked in BLUE above).  Parking spots at the rink facility are reserved for individuals with handicap placards (marked in GREEN above).  Note that no idling of cars or buses is allowed in this lot.


Walk from the parking lot to the rink (marked in WHITE above) on existing sidewalks (marked in RED above), following signs and crossing South Chestnut St. using the marked crosswalk.


Please do not walk in the streets at any time – with the new sidewalks that have been added, that should not be necessary.


There is no drop-off or pickup of skaters allowed anywhere along South Chestnut St. – particularly by the parking area at the rink (marked in YELLOW above).  All drop-offs and pickups must be in the parking lot across the street by the baseball fields.


If parking on the street, follow all parking signs as parking ordinances are being strictly enforced by both Westfield and Garwood.


Please follow all signage.  The signs are designed and placed in order to help direct you towards parking and to avoid creating traffic congestion on South Chestnut St.  Again, the Westfield and Garwood police departments will be strictly enforcing ALL parking and traffic ordinances.


Observe all speed limit signs.  The rink is located in a residential neighborhood where the speed limit is generally 25 miles per hour.  Note that there are speed bumps present throughout the neighborhood and some of them are not well marked.

Please remember that this is a neighborhood rink, so please be respectful of our neighbors at all times!!

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